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We are excited to welcome you to our blog and our new website! The purpose of Visions of God is to support children in orphanages around the world, as well as the orphanages themselves. Keep reading to learn more about our organization or check out our website.

What is an Orphan?

According to UNICEF, there was estimated to be 140 million orphans around the world in 2015. In the same article, they said that

  • 61 million of those orphans were in Asia
  • 52 million in Africa
  • 10 million in Latin America & the Caribbean
  • 7.3 million in Eastern Europe & Central Asia  

To fully understand what this means, you must know how an orphan is defined on a global scale. Though most western and industrialized countries define an orphan as someone who has lost one or both parents. A double orphan is someone who has lost both parents. Why is this definition important? Many who interpret the word “orphan” in the typical sense would see the dilemmas of those children as a need to gain a new family or shetter. However, instead, in many cases, there is a general need to support those villages and family units that care for those children. Epidemics such as the AIDS, Ebola, and others have left many children without one or both parents and the support system they need to be successful.

What Visions of God is Doing About It

One of the most universal characteristics of children everywhere is their desire to draw and create. It is only as adults that our minds get in the way of our creativity and binds us to the burden of perfection. Children in orphanages are just like the children that we once were and we have in our local communities: they like to draw.

T-Shirts For a Cause

At Visions of God, we decided to embrace children’s natural creativity and to use these children’s creativity to facilitate hope for them. We print their designs on a t-shirt and sell them. With those sales, we always give $2 back to the child designer each time their Tee design is sold on our website. Also, 20 percent or more of the sales go back to the child’s orphanage. Not only do we get to encourage a child’s creativity, but we donate school supplies such as pencil, books, and backpacks.

Where Are We Making a Difference?

At this time we are supporting children in some of the areas of the world that have the most orphans and harshest living conditions. Individually we are currently working with orphanages in Bhutan, India, S. Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nigeria, Dominican Republic and the United States. We know with growing support we will expand our reach to have a more significant global impact.

How Can You Help?

The global issues that causes children to become orphans worldwide are massive in scale, complicated, and may take years to tackle. However, Visions of God is doing our part to bring together people of all religions in the name of love to support those children, their families, communities, and orphanages. We are doing this through providing something that everyone needs — a shirt to wear. We all need clothes to cover our body, so why not why buy a shirt that is not only a one-of-a-kind, but also one that will support someone in need?

When you buy a Visions of God shirt, you are not only supporting one child and their community, but you are also essentially advertising for their cause. Buy a shirt and empower a child in need!

What to Join Us?

Want to join the Vision of God’s team? Want to host an event at your church, school, or organization? Contact us! We would love to see how together we can all make a powerful impact for disenfranchised children all over the world.

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