Wearable Art of a Child's Vision of God

Our international charitable organization Visions of God illustrates how children of all ages view God through their unique drawings — we see their assumptions, ideas, and ideals affected by their religion, culture, and unique lives. As a result, it is necessary to begin by defining religion and to explain how geography and other factors influence the development of religion.

There are many religions throughout the world: the most famous and powerful are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Other religions exist in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia and Africa.

No matter what the differences of each child’s culture, most, if not all religions, share many things in common, such as:

  1. Love for God
  2. Love for all, including your enemies
  3. The need for forgiveness and acceptance
  4. The desire to overcome fear and anxiety.
  5. Care for the needy
  6. Avoidance of violence
  7. Judgment for only yourself, not others.

It is these principals that set the bounds and standards of our social behavior, no matter where we live.

Mission Statement

We utilize children’s artwork to create t-shirts for a cause — fashion devoted to showcasing a child's vision of God, regardless of their religious beliefs. Through this means and our involvement in grassroots operations, our international charity organization establishes long-lasting relationships with children, globally, through education, as well as social and emotional development.

The Change

Children are the very source of peace we hope to see in the world — they are the future. They are naturally filled with unbiased compassion and the willingness to learn. By empowering children through the provision of clothing, supplies, food, clothing and other essentials we hope to transform the world.

The Difference

Children everywhere need a strong sense of self-worth and mentors to instill in them their value. The “Visions of God” program teaches self-empowerment by mentoring children from all walks of life, to reach their God-given potential.

Many Children, Many Drawings, One World

The program of our international charity organization transforms their unique drawings of God into professionally designed t-shirts. These t-shirts for a cause are sold on our website, and a percentage of the profits go to inner cities, communities, and orphanages in need. We change the lives of children, wherever they are and whatever their religious affiliation.

What You Can Do

Wearing Visions of God apparel and t-shirts for a cause tells the world that you are a person of conviction and faith. With every purchase of Visions of God apparel, you are supporting a child in need of books, clean water, and food.

Every t-shirt sold VOG donates 20% or more to the organization or community of the young artist.

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