Many Children, Many Drawings, One World

Turning to God in a time of great need, the vision of providing aid to different countries in the midst of hardships. This vision was founded in the belief that, no matter the separation (economic, geographical or cultural), we were all united in seeking God’s counsel, Love, and guidance.

Mission Statement 
We utilize art to fashion a child's "Vision of God," regardless of their religious beliefs. By developing long-lasting relationships, globally, through social, emotional and moral development.

The Change
Children are the very source of peace we hope to see in the World. Filled with unbiased compassion and the willingness to learn. Our programs provide children with the growth mindset to transform the world.

The Difference
Children everywhere need a strong sense of self-worth. The “Visions of God” program teaches self-empowerment by mentoring children from all walks of life, to reach their God-given potential. Our program transforms their exclusive drawings of God into professional t-shirt designs. The vision of God T-shirts are available on our website, and a percentage of the profits go to communities and orphanages in need. We change the lives of children, wherever they are and whatever their religious affiliation.

Wearing Visions of God apparel and t-shirts tells the world that you are a person of conviction and faith, but above all, that you are supportive regardless of particular religious practices or belief.

With every purchase of Visions of God apparel, you are supporting a child in need of books, clean water or food.

Be a part of the difference Help us develop real relationships and mentoring opportunities by spreading these kids personal visions of God.

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