James Dixon Founder “Visions of God” corporation has used his faith and selfless passion for giving as a springboard for such philanthropic endeavors. Providing water, clothing, and backpacks to disaster victims in Haiti, Zambia, Philippines as well as Hurricane Sandy (N.Y.C). 

James was born in the Bronx, one of the five suburbs in New York. When he was seven, his parents moved to Queens after returning from vacation and realizing that all of their worldly possessions were destroyed in a house fire. He and his siblings stayed at the Red Cross Shelter while his parents planned their next move. Growing up, he learned a lot about the plight of the homeless a subject he once thought little about.

This humbling experience truly gave him a lifelong passion to help others in need with a fantasy of one day starting his own business. He dedicated his attention to God instead of material possessions. Thoughts Become Things served him well. Giving James a new vision, purpose, strength to overcome and achieve.

This lifelong calling became more evident in May 2016. When James received a Facebook friend request from a Social worker at Society for Human Development a children orphanage in Pakistan. His name is Mr. Ayub, and shortly after accepting his invitation James received a FaceBook message from Mr. Ayub. Not seeking help or monetary assistance but a friendship in Christ.

After several exchanges about their passion for Christ and helping kids James searched for more ways to help. It was one Facebook exchange in particular that sparked his creativity. Changing his once fantasy to formalization into fact. James believes it was his show of love and support for others. That God provided him with the vision to serve His Worldly purpose. Now he is determined and committed to creating a Global Community regardless of cultural beliefs.

VOG apparel line is personally inspired drawings of God by young artists (children) globally.

With a strong rapport, Visions of God currently works with several religious Organizations, Orphanages, and Communities in the U.S., Pakistan, S. Africa, Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, Nigeria, and the Philippines. They work with organizational Executives that oversee young participants (children) who are asked to draw their “Vision of God.”

The company turns children's original designs of God into professional t-shirts. Aiming to Assist Children, Orphanages, Countries, and Communities Globally.