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Africa (Burundi) Contribution


Visions of god & BE TV BURUNDI

The BE TV Burundi Network with Visions of God is Restoring Hope and Change to our youth. Visions of God values all teenagers and preteens,
believing each one deserves an opportunity to find their voice, achieve their potential, and celebrate a life defined by God, responsibility, dignity, faith and grace. By building and maintaining lasting and impactful relationships that improve the lives of our youth. By assisting them to become a positive contributor to the community and society.

Elderly, Education and intervention
Our seniors are our saviors when it comes to educating the youth about history. Whether it is cultural, such as food, art, music and dance or more serious discussion around discrimination and the divide of South Africans into four groups. Who is better to enlighten our youth than our seniors with real life examples? Teenagers everywhere need a strong sense of self-worth and mentors to instill in them Life’s value. The “Visions of God” program coupled with BE TV Burundi platform. Teaches self-empowerment by mentoring teenagers from all walks of life. To help them reach their God-given potential.

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