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About James Dixon

What We’re All About

James Dixon Founder of "Visions of God" Global Corporation has used his faith and selfless compassion for giving as a springboard for such philanthropic endeavors. James was born in the Bronx, one of the five suburbs in New York. When he was seven, his parents moved to Queens after returning from vacation and realizing that their worldly possessions were destroyed in a deliberate house fire.


James and his siblings stayed at the Red Cross Shelter while his parents planned their next move. Growing up, he learned a lot about the plight of homelessness, a subject he once thought little. James believes it was his genuine show of love and support for others that God provided him the vision to serve His will. 


Now he is determined and committed to creating a Global, diverse Children Community. That will allow kids to grow up understanding and embracing the differences in looks, culture, beliefs, and upbringing. 


With a strong rapport, James currently works with several religious organizations

and orphanages in the U.S.A, Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and the Philippines. He primarily works with organizational Executives that oversee young participants (children) who are asked to draw their "Vision of God." Where he turns children's original hand drawings of God into professional t-shirts. 


One of the goals is to help children of all backgrounds realize they are a wonderfully unique person amongst many other wonderfully unique people of different countries, cultures, and beliefs. To educate the kids and bridge the cultural gap is the pre-launching of a children's book titled "Me and My Teacher Mrs. Marsh".


Me and My Teacher Mrs. Marsh Vol 1

A series of children’s books about cultural differences and similarities.

"Many Children, Many Cultures, One World" Books aimed to educate children ages 5 and up about a diverse world outside their own. 

Together, Children, Learning, Culture

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