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Africa (Nigeria) Family Contribution


Visions of God Nigerian Family Contribution

Sandals, A Child, A Smile
As Visions of God globally pursue our Passion to rid Poverty. We were able to turn our supported family in Nigeria frown into a smile. By simply donating a pair of sandals to each child we made their day as much as they made ours. The money most of us spend daily on breakfast, lunch even Starbucks. VOG Nigeria was able to change a family life forever. Meet Chidimma age 7, Chinedu age 5, and Chinaemerem age 3. Who for the first time in their life received a pair of shoe sandal new or used. By never owning a pair of shoes they were unaware of how to put them on. Even what size shoe they wear. In each photo, you can witness how one small act of kindness transform a child's life that only knows poverty. Special thanks to VOG Nigeria Ambassador Macdonald Lucky and Mom Kelechi. Many Blessings!

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