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Ever wondered what your life’s purpose is?

People are not just born to exist on this earth and make merry. Everyone should understand that life is all about achieving what they were created to do and excelling at it. Many people do not even fathom this word called purpose and what it entails in their lives. I have found my purpose and many have constantly called it an idea, while at the same time saying that it is flawed, will never work and that I was wasting my time. The thing with realizing your purpose is that the above do not apply! Much as I respect their opinions and love them dearly, they most certainly do not have any clue that when one finds their calling, it goes on to consume their every waking moment and thought process.

I can tell you for sure that without both, there is no life and one would be merely surviving day to day, which is where most people are today. Many individuals are in jobs that only fatten up their bank accounts but when asked whether they love working there, the answer is usually no. Majority of Americans do not eagerly jump out of their beds in the morning so as to go to work. This is because they are only working for the money and not actually fulfilling their purpose. When one’s purpose is understood, life is approached with attention, intention and retention for the purposes of becoming what one was chosen to be. Those who have found their life’s purpose are living fulfilled lives and are content with where they are at since they have totally understood that their purpose is far greater and exceeds the unimaginable.

If at all you have for a while now felt like your life is one big empty ball, if do find your calling/purpose and you will be thankful that you did. This is because purpose raises your quality of life in the long run because it will finally be equipped with meaning. When you know your meaning is, life will no longer be about simply getting by. It will be about doing what you are here to do and literally enjoying every minute of it; good or bad. Your purpose becomes your internal compass that guides you through life’s ups and downs and with it, there comes an immensely powerful sense of confidence and your knowledge of self deepens.

Know of anyone currently living their purpose? Request them to share with you their experiences and you will be glad that you did!

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