Many Children, Many Drawings, One World

Visions of God Corporation is determined to create a Diverse Children’s Universe. One filled with Compassion, Empathy, and Respect for all humankind. VOG transforms a child’s unique drawings of God into Professional Wearable Art. Our Visions of God program bridges the gap between Art, Culture, and hunger while developing a Global Compassionate kid friendly Community (GCC).

We strengthen this cause by donating 20% percent or more of our profit to Supporting Countries, Orphanages or Organization of each young artist. The Visions of God platform allows people to reflect upon their charitable giving by influencing the world One Child, One Vision, One Drawing at a time.

Wearable Art of a Child's Vision of God


Visions of God Global Collection

Our Vision

Turning to God in a time of great need, the vision of providing aid to different countries in the midst of poverty and hardships. This vision founded on the belief that, no matter the separation of economic, geographical or cultural we were all united in seeking God’s counsel of love and guidance.

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Visions of Change

Children are the very source of peace we hope to see in the World. Filled with unbiased compassion and the willingness to learn. Through praise for effort, children will have the growth mindset to transform the world into a better place.

VOG transforms a Child’s Unique Drawings of God into Professional Wearable Art. Our goal is to change generations from Poverty to Prosperity, change the Helpless to Helpful. We strengthen this cause by donating 20% percent or more of our profits to families, communities or organizations.